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Towing services for accident vehicles, breakdown vehicles and new vehicles delivery are available in Klang valley and other areas in Peninsular Malaysia at a VERY REASONABLE COST.
Delivery to vehicle owner workshop or any other workshop. Choose your destination, we will send the vehicles to preffered place.

Assistance in making police report and insurance claim.

On a straight stretch of road in the middle of nowhere when the car suddenly overheats or a tire goes flat ?
Met with unexpected accident and needs for assistance ?  There’s no need to worry, we’ve been there. Ash Eight Auto Services can rescue you from all the unpleasantness of being stuck on the side of the road.

At SJ Smart Services, we make it our business to provide our client with the best service that money can’t buy.Our 3 tonne towing truck is designed in a way to load and to support the weight behind in the same time.The other extra advantage we have is that we have a flatbed towing truck where is can go all the way down to load and unload all lowered and luxury cars like F1 cars, sport cars, superbikes, big bikes, etc. We also have Tow Truck that able to enter Basement Parking and also baby tires.

Our light-duty vehicle consistently provide excellent roadside assistance throughout Klang Valley and Peninsular Malaysia. Our 24-hour dispatching and GPS tracking equipment help our professionals respond to your need within minutes. The GPS tracking system is configured to let up keep track of where the truck is going, the faster routes to take and give an estimation of time reach at any particular scene

H/P  : 012 3550796 (haffizi)
Email : sjsmart84@gmail.com

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